Visitors to our Museum in Fremont really seem to enjoy seeing our classic Greyhounds. They almost always elicit visitor stories about when they took that one magical bus trip. 

Do you remember your first Greyhound trip? Were you a child traveling with your family or a service member heading off to big adventures? What do you remember about your trip? Was it the iconic bus, the bus driver, or just the views you saw as you gazed out the windows.

When you come to our Museum, it will be like going back in time. Come visit our ‘Hounds:


Honorary “Hound”


1945 Pacific Greyhound Lines #1826

While this Missouri Pacific Stages #821 this GM PD 3302 coach was not a true Greyhound; it was restored in the 1980’s as a Pacific Greyhound Lines bus (numbering it #1945 for the year built) by Dr. Bob Martinique.  The PBM is proud to have this coach as part of the museum’s historic bus fleet… and an honorary “Hound”.

Bus 1826 Details



Greyhound “Silverside” #1947

Our oldest Greyhound is this gleaming 1948 “Silverside” (numbered 1947) will bring you back to the post-war enthusiasm that anything was possible!

In early 1972 Greyhound sold its last group of Silversides, but the very last Silverside bound for Peru was never shipped. This bus sat in a storage lot in San Francisco until 1980 when it was re-acquired by Greyhound and eventually became part of Greyhound’s Historic Bus Fleet. The Pacific Bus Museum acquired #1947 in January 2023 and is proud to have this historic coach in the museum’s collection.

Bus 1947 Details


1948 Greyhound Silverside

Bus #1947, but it’s really a 1948 model


1956 GM/Greyhound Scenicruiser!

1956 GM PD 4501/Greyhound Scenicruiser!


1955 Greyhound Scenicruiser #8005

After years of development, going back to before WWII, Greyhound finally debuted it’s post-war wonder in 1955.

This split-level parlor bus was a Greyhound and General Motors collaboration dubbed the PD 4501 by GM and named the Scenicruiser by Greyhound. This bus remains the iconic Greyhound design in the minds of many fans.

The Pacific Bus Museum acquired this “Travis” Scenicruiser in 2003 and has just finished it’s top-to-bottom restoration this year; 2023. Come see it and live the memories!

Bus 8005 Details


1955 Scenicruiser Party Bus

This bus is the newest addition to the Pacific Bus Museum roster. Like 8005 above, it is an original General Motors PD 4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser, but it has been converted to an RV Party Bus by Red Bull.

While there are strong feeling from both sides about maintaining “seated” originals vs RV conversions, the Pacific Bus Museum is trilled to have both. When you come visit, you can see them side-by-side and decide for yourself which you prefer!

Red Bull Bus Details



RedBull Party Bus


1956 Mack Greyhound commuter.

1956 Mack Greyhound commuter.



1956 Greyhound Commuter

This 1956 Mack bus was used as a Marin to San Francisco commuter workhorse that carried workers into the 1970’s.

Built to Greyhound’s standard specs with transit seating, mechanical transmissions and single doors the Macks were often seen on Greyhound’s Marin County commute routes.

Bus P1683 Details

1964 Greyhound MC-5

In the 1960’s, Greyhound added a great many Motor Coach Industries buses to it’s fleet. This 1964 MC-5 was delivered new to Western Greyhound Lines as bus 2623 in March 1964. in 1978 it was acquired by Yuba College. In 2000 the bus was acquired by the Yosemite Community College District in Modesto, CA. In 2011 it was acquired by Pacific Bus Museum member Tom Harris. Tom donated it to the Pacific Bus Museum in 2017.

Bus 2623 Details

1964 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) model MC-5

1964 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) model MC-5


Come See These Buses

When you visit the Pacific Bus Museum, in Fremont CA,
you will see these glorious Greyhounds and so much more!

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