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GM Bus Model Numbers Decoded

Using this great page from as a reference tells us this about General Motors model TDH-4801s:

  • T = Transit
  • D = Diesel (until 1968)
  • H = Hydraulic (automatic transmission)
  • 48 = Number of Seats
  • 01 = Series 01


Pages on this site about TDH-4801

#2103 – Key System Transit Lines

This “Old Look” TDH-4801 in an order of 21 buses for Key System Transit Lines that were delivered, new, in 1958.

#2103 was the first bus in revenue service for AC Transit when the agency took over operations from Key System Transit Lines

#2103 was donated to the PBM in April 2013.

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PBM History

In 2017 PBM Member, Ron Medaglia, wrote this article on the history of the Pacific Bus Museum, entitled “The Pacific Bus Museum From Hobby to Formal Museum”, for the National Bus Trader magazine.

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