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#2623 – Yosemite Community College District
1964 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) model MC-5

This Motor Coach Industries (MCI) model MC-5 was delivered new to Western Greyhound Lines in March 1964.

#2623 was acquired by Yuba College in 1978. In 2000 it was acquired by the Yosemite Community College District in Modesto, CA

In 2011 it was acquired by Pacific Bus Museum member, Tom Harris, who donated #2623 to the Pacific Bus Museum in 2017.

4-Speed Manual, Detroit Diesel, Greyhound, Intercity Coach, Motor Coach Industries (MCI), Western Greyhound Lines, Yosemite Community College, Yuba College

#9049 – Yosemite Community College

This Transportation Manufacturing Company (TMC) MC-9 was delivered to Greyhound Lines West in December 1984.

In 1991 bus #9049 was acquired from Greyhound by the Yosemite Community College District.

#9049 was acquired by the Pacific Bus Museum in 2015 from Yosemite Community College.

Allison, Automatic, Detroit Diesel, Greyhound, Greyhound Lines West, Intercity Coach, Transportation Manufacturing Company (TMC), Yosemite Community College

#246 – Peerless Stages

Three General Motors TDM-4512’s (#244-246) were delivered to Peerless Stages, Inc. of Oakland, CA in April 1955.

In 1996 Richard donated #246 along with the five other buses in his historic bus collection to the Pacific Bus Museum. 

4-Speed Manual, General Motors, General Motors, GM Truck & Coach Division, Intercity Coach, Peerless Stages, West Coast Motor Coach Museum

#4 – Los Gatos High School
#4 - Los Gatos High School

This Crown A -779 -11 Supercoach was built in 1952 for Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, CA.

Pacific Bus Museum Member, Tom Shafer, bought the bus and donated it to the Pacific Bus Museum in 2003.

This bus was featured in a 2012 Smucker’s TV commercial as wells as the 2007 Zodiac movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

5-Speed Manual, Crown Coach, Cummins, Fuller, Hall-Scott, Los Gatos High School, School Bus, St. Francis High School

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