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Detroit Diesel Engine Numbering

The Detroit Diesel Series 71 is a two-stroke diesel engine series, available in both inline and V configurations, manufactured by Detroit Diesel

The numbering is as follows:

  • first digit = number of cylinders
  • – or V = inline or vee
  • 2-digit series = 71
    • roughly corresponds to the nominal displacement per cylinder in cubic inches (i.e. 71 cu in)
  • Suffix = additional features
    • N = needle unit fuel injectors
    • T = turbocharger
    • TA = turbocharger with after-cooling
    • TT = Tailored Torque

Source: Wikipedia


So, a 6-71 is an inline 6-cylinder 71 cu in engine.

6-71 vs. 6V-71

“A 6-71 engine will have two 3-cylinder heads in a row, a 6V-71 will have one 3-cylinder head on each side. The 6V-71 is roughly half the length of the 6-71.”

Source: Red Power Magazine Forum


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Temporary Visitor – #1948 – Greyhound Lines

Frank Gonzalez brought this bus to display at the August 2023 Pacific Bus Museum Open House.

The IC-41 was a very successful postwar bus for ACF-Brill Coach Manufacturing Company from 1946 to 1954.

This bus is thought to have run for the Southeastern Greyhound Lines.

AFC Brill, Brill IC, Hall-Scott, Southeastern Greyhound Lines

#1947 – Pacific Greyhound Lines
1948 Greyhound Silverside

Originally this GM, PD-4151 “Silverside” was delivered new to Pacific Greyhound Lines in San Francisco in April 1948.

In early 1972 Greyhound sold its last group of Silversides to a bus company in Peru but the very last Silverside bound for Peru was never shipped. This bus became part of Greyhound’s Historic Bus Fleet.

The Pacific Bus Museum acquired #1947 in January 2023 from Greyhound.

4-Speed Manual, General Motors, General Motors, GM Truck & Coach Division, Greyhound, Greyhound Historic Bus Fleet, Intercity Coach, Pacific Greyhound Lines, Parlor, Unknown Peru, Western Greyhound Lines

#9E – Joaquin Delta Junior College District

This Flxible two-level model 223DD-D2 “Flxiliner” Bus was delivered, new, to the San Joaquin Delta Junior College District in Stockton, CA in 1970 as #9E.

Model: 223DD-D2 “Flxiliner”
Serial#: 10821
Powertrain: GM 6-71 Diesel engine with a 5-speed mechanical transmission
Length: 35 ft
Width: 96 in

5-Speed Manual, Delta Junior College, DINA (Diesel Nacional S.A), Flxible, General Motors, Intercity Coach

#246 – Peerless Stages

Three General Motors TDM-4512’s (#244-246) were delivered to Peerless Stages, Inc. of Oakland, CA in April 1955.

In 1996 Richard donated #246 along with the five other buses in his historic bus collection to the Pacific Bus Museum. 

4-Speed Manual, General Motors, General Motors, GM Truck & Coach Division, Intercity Coach, Peerless Stages, West Coast Motor Coach Museum

#126 – Antelope Valley Bus Lines

Stephen Schwarzwald acquired the bus from Antelope Valley Bus Lines in 1975. Stephen was the Vice President of the WCMCM and later was the Secretary of the PBM. He donated the bus to the PBM in 1992.

2-Speed Hydromatic, Antelope Valley Lines, General Motors, General Motors, GM Truck & Coach Division, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA), Pacific Electric, Southern California RTD (SCRTD), Transit, West Coast Motor Coach Museum

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