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Pacific Greyhound Lines

Pacific Greyhound LinesWestern Greyhound Lines, and Greyhound Lines West 

  • Active as Pacific Greyhound Lines from 1930 to 1957
  • Renamed Western Greyhound Lines from 1957 to 1960
  • Renamed to Greyhound Lines West from 1960 onwards


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#8005 – Western Greyhound Lines
#8005 - Western Greyhound

This 1955 PD-4501 Scenicruiser was delivered, new, to Pacific Greyhound Lines in 1956.

In the mid-1960s Western Greyhound re-seated these “Travis” buses to 47 passengers to service route between San Francisco-Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA.

In Spring of 2003, the Pacific Bus Museum acquired this bus from the used equipment dealer.

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#1947 – Pacific Greyhound Lines
1948 Greyhound Silverside

Originally this GM, PD-4151 “Silverside” was delivered new to Pacific Greyhound Lines in San Francisco in April 1948.

In early 1972 Greyhound sold its last group of Silversides to a bus company in Peru but the very last Silverside bound for Peru was never shipped. This bus became part of Greyhound’s Historic Bus Fleet.

The Pacific Bus Museum acquired #1947 in January 2023 from Greyhound.

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#1826 – Pacific Greyhound Lines

This GM PD 3302 coach was delivered to Missouri Pacific Stages in 1945 as #821.

The bus was donated to the PBM in 1996 along with the five other buses of Richard Twining’s historical bus collection.

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