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Eastshore Lines

“Some News on Eastshore Lines

One of the oldest and best known motorcoach charter operations in the San Francisco Bay Area has gone through a minor change of ownership. Member Bill Billings has owned and operated Eastshore since its existence, To many of us, Eastshore has been an institution in the history of general transportation in that area. Bill has done a heroic job of assembling a very respectable collection of transit and parlor coaches for preservation which were retained from his fleet of coaches used in the charter operation. Recently, Bill has turned over the entire business to member Dennis Felso, who is also one of Bill’s longest term employees. Not to worry, however. Dennis is also a devout motorcoach enthusiast and is quite able to combine the charter work with the preservation of the coaches. He will be taking good care of the preservation collection, and may even be able to reactivate a few of those in better condition and maintain them in roadworthy status: In regards to this, member Ted Cambell has been the mechanic in charge of the Eastshore fleet for most of his career. He knows everything about each coach and has always kept them in top running shape. We urge Dennis to keep this historic operation in the great shape it is in now under his control, and even look forward to seeing some of the antiques at Bus Bash.”

– The Paddle
Line 1, Run 3 – March 1992

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