Line 5, Run 3

  • Pacific Electric #231
  • Napa Valley Lines #11&12
  • Work party Scheduled
  • PBM Election Results
  • New Committees Forming
  • PBM Operator’s List Needs Updating
  • Oklahoma Transportation Company #292
  • Gray Line Scenic Tours #113
  • Vintage Twin Coach Buses moved to Williams, California
  • PBM Members Attend the “Gathering of Buses”
  • The PBM Comes to the Aid of Greyhound’s Ailing Historic Silverside
  • PBM Puts on a Display at the Alameda Naval Air Station
  • Summary of Board of Directors Meeting on May 26, 1996
  • The PBM Welcomes PBS’s Jim Lehrer to the PBM
  • PBM Member Attends Tulsa Bus Bash
  • Hawaii’s First 5105’s by Jim Husing
  • President’s Message by Jim Husing

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