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Yorkman Lowe

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PBM – The Paddle: January/February 2024

Line 33, Run 1

  • Cover Photo: Southern Pacific Railroad at Mission Bay yard
  • PBM Has Two New Items For Sale Soon – a T-shirt of our 1947 Silversides and a license plate frame
  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • Former PBM Member Norm Spaulding Passes Away
  • The 2024 PBM Election coming in early June
  • 01/06/24 Work Day Report
  • 01/20/24 Work Day Report
  • PBM Member Vickie Cole Passes Away Unexpectedly
  • Back Issues Of The Paddle Donated
  • 2738 In Movie Shoot In Vallejo On 01/28/24
  • 1826 On Display In San Rafael On 1/31 & 2/1
  • 02/03/24 Work Day Report
  • 02/17/24 Work Day Report
  • Where “The Paddle” Name Came From?
  • Royal Coach Tours Sold To TCS
  • PBM Member William D. Bourne Passes Away At 92
  • Greyhound bus stops are valuable assets. Here’s who’s cashing in on them By Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN
  • Southwestern Greyhound Lines Dr. D.B. “Doc” Rushing

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PBM – The Paddle: November/December 2023

Line 32, Run 6

  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • 246 At Car Show In San Jose On 11/04/23
  • 1947 At California Bus Association Convention
  • PBM Hosts Birthday Party on 11/11/23
  • 246 In Niles Festival Of Lights Parade On 11/24/23
  • Old Paddles Needed – Tom Baker is organizing the Archives
  • 12/17/23 Holiday Gathering
  • Improvement To Our Building’s Exterior

ACF Brill, Amador Stage Lines, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA), Metropolitan Coach Lines, Pacific Electric, SamTrans, Southern Pacific

PBM – The Paddle: September/October 2023

Line 32, Run 5

New PBM Member, Tom Baker, created a new PBM Banner to hang on the building… Unfortunately, he didn’t learn that the 1991 date was a misnomer until after the banner was printed. The PBM was founded in 1989.

  • LA’s first bus line got rolling 100 years ago today: here’s to a century of innovation and grit
  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • ODT Bus1826 received some overdue wiring repairs by PBM Member John Fenlon
  • Upcoming events
  • More Parts Donated By Royal Coach Tours
  • Public Transit Supporters Visit PBM On 09/09/23
  • Donated Forklift Delivered To PBM On 09/21/23 by Darren and Mike from Shasta College
  • Bus 3270 At Muni Roadeo At The Cow Palace On 10/28
  • Upcoming Annual Holiday Gathering And Membership Meeting
  • PBM Shirts for Sale

Gillig, Royal Coach Tours, Shasta College

PBM – The Paddle: July/August 2001

Line 10, Run 4

  • from the editor Ron Medaglia
  • New Members
  • Extra Board Assignments
  • PBM Santa Monica Excursion
  • Dick Meguire Seriously Ill
  • Busy Summer For Bus Displays
  • New tires for #1214
  • . Rent Increased for PBM’s Buses
  • Members Page on Web Site
  • Summary of PBM Board Meeting
  • PBM Garage
  • New Feature in The Paddle
  • Members Making News
  • Recent Donations to the PBM
  • Back Issues of The Paddle Now Available
  • Help the PBM Find a Home- Contribute to the Building Fund

from Transit Topics – May 1947

SunLine Transit Agency, Super Sightseening Tours

PBM – The Paddle: July/August 2000

Line 9, Run 4

  • Photos
  • Presidents Message
  • Newly Elected Members Take Office
  • Niles Canyon Railway Bus Update
  • Contribute to the Building Fund
  • Summary of PBM Board Meeting
  • The PBM on the Roadeo Circuit
  • Bus Gallery Added to Website
  • The PBM Garage
  • Michael’s American Memories
  • PBM Excursions & Events
  • Members Making News
  • Recent Donations to the PBM
  • President Attends Political Convention
  • San Diego Transit Still Operating GM “new look’s”

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