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Steve Tesconi

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PBM – The Paddle: September/October 2023

Line 32, Run 5

New PBM Member, Tom Baker, created a new PBM Banner to hang on the building… Unfortunately, he didn’t learn that the 1991 date was a misnomer until after the banner was printed. The PBM was founded in 1989.

  • LA’s first bus line got rolling 100 years ago today: here’s to a century of innovation and grit
  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • ODT Bus1826 received some overdue wiring repairs by PBM Member John Fenlon
  • Upcoming events
  • More Parts Donated By Royal Coach Tours
  • Public Transit Supporters Visit PBM On 09/09/23
  • Donated Forklift Delivered To PBM On 09/21/23 by Darren and Mike from Shasta College
  • Bus 3270 At Muni Roadeo At The Cow Palace On 10/28
  • Upcoming Annual Holiday Gathering And Membership Meeting
  • PBM Shirts for Sale

Gillig, Royal Coach Tours, Shasta College

PBM – The Paddle: May/June 2000

Line 9, Run 3

  • Photo – Chicago Surface Lines #121, this 1931 Westinghouse powered Brill 40-DMT!
  • Photo – Metropolitan Transit Corp. #2468, a 1954 GM PD 4104 (orig. Overland Greyhound 0-1533) seen in Seattle, WA in 1967!
  • President’s Message
  • Help the PBM Find a Home
  • Niles Canyon Bus Update
  • New PBM Merchandise Items
  • The PBM’s Monterey Excursion – May 2000
  • PBM Sponsored Excursions From 1989 To Present
  • GGRM Spring Raildays
  • The “Bus Garage”
  • AC Transit Excursion This Fall
  • Upcoming Displays and Conventions
  • Members Making News
  • and that’s the way things were by Jerry Squier

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PBM – The Paddle: March/April 2000

Line 9, Run 2

  • Photos – West meets East!
  • Establishment of Building Fund – Help the PBM Find a Permanent Home
  • The “Bus Garage”
  • PBM Attends the Pacific Coast Dream Machine
  • PBM Member William J. Goodall
  • PBM Members and Their Buses
  • Photos – U.S. Down Under
  • PBM Website Update!
  • Members Making News

Recent Donations

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