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Matt McCracken

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PBM – The Paddle: July/August 2023

Line 32, Run 4

  • Open House Report
  • 1947 At Split Of ’45 On 08/12/23
  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • Member Ted Campbell in You Tube Video (below)
  • 128 And 2738 At Event In Fremont On 7/29/23
  • 07/30/23 Film Shoot At PBM Shinn Street Yard
  • 2738 In Film Shoot In Fremont On 07/31/23
  • PBM Acquires Another GM PD-4501 Scenicruiser (Our PBM1 Party Bus)

ACF Brill, American Stage Tours, Eastshore Lines, Motor Coach Industries (MCI), Sierra Pacific Tours

PBM – The Paddle: May/June 2023

Line 32, Run 3

  • Cover Photo: Greyhound Lines system map showing connections to other carriers, circa 1937-1939, per Eli Bail.
  • Now an underground rave venue, Oakland’s abandoned Greyhound station was once ‘magnificent’
  • 05/06/23 Work Day Report
  • 05/20/23 Work Day Report
  • License Plate Club Has Meet At PBM
  • 128 And 3270 At Western Railway Museum
  • 128 At SamTrans Roadeo
  • 06/03/23 Work Day Report
  • 06/05/23 Visit By Australians
  • PBM At American Truck Historical Society’s National Convention and Truck Show In Reno
  • 06/17/23 Work Day Report

Greyhound, SamTrans, Western Railway Museum

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