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Matt Kaufman

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PBM – The Paddle: March/April 2023

Line 32, Run 2

  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • Tree Work Done After March Storm Causes Damage
  • 9E At Dream Machines Show At Half Moon Bay
  • Additional Information About Muni Leasing Buses From SCRTD In 1881 By James Husing
  • Remembering PBM Member Emerson Chin Who Passed Away On 3/5
  • Now an underground rave venue, Oakland’s abandoned Greyhound station was once ‘magnificent

California Transit Company, Gray Line, Greyhound, MV Transportation, SamTrans, Santa Clara County Transit District (SCCTD), Santa Cruz Transit, Southern California RTD (SCRTD), Twin Coach, Western Transit Society (WTS)

PBM – The Paddle: January/February 2023

Line 32, Run 1

  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • 2738 Film Shoot In San Rafael
  • 2738’s Front Starting Problem Corrected
  • 842 Gets A Newer Set Of Batteries
  • PBM Gets A Sump Pump
  • 3 And 246 At License Plate Meet In Niles
  • 2023 Open House Date Announced
  • The Pacific Bus Museum’s Historic Greyhound Silversides Story and pictures by Ron Medaglia
  • Peter Newgard of the Bus History Association seeks Information Sought On Rare Bus In BC

Amtrak, Greyhound, Hall-Scott, Kenworth, Metropolitan Bus Lines (Seattle), Pacific Greyhound Lines, Southern Pacific, Southern Pacific Railroad, Western Greyhound Lines

PBM – The Paddle: September/October 2022

Line 31, Run 5

  • Cover Photo: Pacific Greyhound Lines Oakland Will bus built after consolidation at the Pioneer Stage plant in 1930 at 1919 Markey Street, Oakland.
  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • Tree Branches In New Parcel Trimmed on 09/01/22
  • 2103 And 3270 At Western Rallway Museum 9/3 & 9/4
  • 09/18/22 Movie Shoot At PBM Yard By Tom Shafer
  • Another Busy Period For 1828… Marin Civic Center in San Rafael… Vallecito Elementary School.
  • Phelan Ride And Drive Report By Tom Shafer
  • 3270 At Muni’s Bus Roadeo On 10/29/22
  • Donation Drive To Acquire Greyhound Silversides
  • Two Short Bus Stories… 
  • General Motors PD-4501 Scenicruiser Question… answers from Paul Von Fange’s book

Crown Coach, Fageol, Gillig, International Harvester, Pacific Greyhound Lines, Studebaker, Western Railway Museum, White Motors

PBM – The Paddle: February/March 2022

Line 31, Run 2

  • President’s Message by Richard Leijonflycht
  • PBM Calendar
  • 2623 Taken To MCI Service Center In Hayward
  • PBM Display At Motorcoach Expo By Ron Medaglia
  • Bus Gathering In May At Member’s Ranch
  • A Story A Lot Of Us Can Relate To (This Southern California Country Music Radio Personality Really Loves School Buses) By Taylor Hannon February 21, 2020


PBM – The Paddle: November/December 1999

Line 8, Run 6

  • Photos
  • President’s Message
  • Welcome Aboard New Members
  • New PBM Secretary Appointed
  • PBM Holiday Gathering
  • PBM Website to be Updated
  • Summary of PBM General Membership Meeting
  • PBM Election Announcement
  • The Year in Review – The PBM in 1999
  • Recent Donations to the PBM
  • Pacific Bus Museum Equipment Roster – December 1999
  • and that’s the way things were by Jerry Squier

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), Flxible, Ford, Greyhound, Mack, Marmon-Herrington, Oregon Motor Stages, San Pedro Transit Lines, Terminal Island Transit Co., Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, Vaca Valley Bus Lines, Western Greyhound Lines, Wilmington Bus Co.

PBM History

In 2017 PBM Member, Ron Medaglia, wrote this article on the history of the Pacific Bus Museum, entitled “The Pacific Bus Museum From Hobby to Formal Museum”, for the National Bus Trader magazine.

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