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Marcel Sales

The late Marcel Sales was an early member of the Pacific Bus Museum and was PBM Vice President when Jim Husing was President.

Marcel was a Safety and Training Supervisor at Golden Gate Transit. He owned #246 – Peerless Stages from 1985-1990.

Ron Medaglia, Mike Sheridan, and Steve Souza worked with Marcel at Golden Gate Transit. 

– Alan Fong – PBM Member and Pacific Bus Museum Treasurer


“Marcel Sales worked for Muni and later Golden Gate Transit in the Bay Area.”

Source:  Unitrans general manager headed for San Luis Obispo


“…two of our members, Mike Sheridan and Marcel Sales, both work for Golden Gate Transit. Better yet, Mike is one of the highest seniority drivers, and Marcel is in charge of the drivers training program…”

– The Paddle
Line 1, Run 3 – March 1992


June 4, 2001


by Steven Souza

On Monday, June 4, all of us at Golden Gate Transit were stunned to hear that our recently-retired colleague, Marcel Sales, had unexpectedly passed away on May 31th. To me, he was more than just a former colleague: he was a fellow railfan, car buff, motorcycle fan, a busnut, and a great friend. I’m sure that many of us PBM members recall that Marcel was elected to a Board of Directors position for many years, not only because of his competence, but also for his trustworthiness and dedication to the organizations’ efforts. It was he who originally acquired Peerless #246 and restored it to its original condition. The flagship of our collection today, Peerless #246 is an incredible example of love and dedication.

I first met Marcel when I was twelve years old. I had spent much of my summer vacation enjoying the first of several Trolley Festivals in San Francisco. A few railfans and busnuts introduced me to this “gentle giant.” Marcel was a rather imposing figure at first (being over six feet tall), but his easygoing nature made him feel more like an uncle.

Over the next several years, I became involved with the newly-organized Pacific Bus Museum, and I was always happy to see Marcel at related events and meetings. It was at one of these events that he “invited” me to apply for the bus driver’s position at Golden Gate Transit (of course, there were some other influences like Mike Sheridan, Ron Medaglia, and the late Bruce Maher). Frustrated with my current occupation, I decided to develop a career in the public transit industry. Marcel helped me realize that it was possible to combine work and play!

In closing, I’d like to share some thoughts from his memorial held on June 6. When we wonder why Marcel was taken from us so unexpectedly, it was because God has a World War Two jeep, a cable car, a motorcycle, a steam train, and a 1950’s Mack diesel bus, and He needs someone to drive them.

(Note) Marcel Sales retired in August 2000 after a long career in the transportation industry. First as a bus driver and motorman for the San Francisco MUNI before moving to Golden Gate Transit as a driver and then as a Safety/Training Supervisor. One of his favorite tasks was organizing the annual APTA bus roadeos for Golden Gate Transit.

(Source: Pacific Bus Museum member newsletter, The Paddle May/June 2001)

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#246 – Peerless Stages

Three General Motors TDM-4512’s (#244-246) were delivered to Peerless Stages, Inc. of Oakland, CA in April 1955.

In 1996 Richard donated #246 along with the five other buses in his historic bus collection to the Pacific Bus Museum. 

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PBM History

In 2017 PBM Member, Ron Medaglia, wrote this article on the history of the Pacific Bus Museum, entitled “The Pacific Bus Museum From Hobby to Formal Museum”, for the National Bus Trader magazine.

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