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Bill Wong

Bill Wong, of Piedmont, is a WWII veteran, Route 66 business owner, the Director of Social Responsibility and Community Sustainability at San Francisco International Airport, a Market Street Railway volunteer, a Bay Area historian, and a Pacific Bus Museum contributor.




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PBM – The Paddle: January/February 2024

Line 33, Run 1

  • Cover Photo: Southern Pacific Railroad at Mission Bay yard
  • PBM Has Two New Items For Sale Soon – a T-shirt of our 1947 Silversides and a license plate frame
  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • Former PBM Member Norm Spaulding Passes Away
  • The 2024 PBM Election coming in early June
  • 01/06/24 Work Day Report
  • 01/20/24 Work Day Report
  • PBM Member Vickie Cole Passes Away Unexpectedly
  • Back Issues Of The Paddle Donated
  • 2738 In Movie Shoot In Vallejo On 01/28/24
  • 1826 On Display In San Rafael On 1/31 & 2/1
  • 02/03/24 Work Day Report
  • 02/17/24 Work Day Report
  • Where “The Paddle” Name Came From?
  • Royal Coach Tours Sold To TCS
  • PBM Member William D. Bourne Passes Away At 92
  • Greyhound bus stops are valuable assets. Here’s who’s cashing in on them By Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN
  • Southwestern Greyhound Lines Dr. D.B. “Doc” Rushing

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PBM – The Paddle: March/April 2023

Line 32, Run 2

  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • Tree Work Done After March Storm Causes Damage
  • 9E At Dream Machines Show At Half Moon Bay
  • Additional Information About Muni Leasing Buses From SCRTD In 1881 By James Husing
  • Remembering PBM Member Emerson Chin Who Passed Away On 3/5
  • Now an underground rave venue, Oakland’s abandoned Greyhound station was once ‘magnificent

California Transit Company, Gray Line, Greyhound, MV Transportation, SamTrans, Santa Clara County Transit District (SCCTD), Santa Cruz Transit, Southern California RTD (SCRTD), Twin Coach, Western Transit Society (WTS)

PBM – The Paddle: November/December 2022

Line 31, Run 6

  • President’s Message by Lorne Thompson
  • PBM Calendar
  • 12/04/22 Bus 4 In Los Gatos Christmas/Holiday Parade
  • 12/10/22 Holiday Gathering In San Leandro
  • 9E, 2738, HPO In Movle Shoot
  • Donation Drive For 1947 Greyhound Lines Silversides
  • GM PD-4501 Scenicrulser Question (contnued)

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Detroit Diesel, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Marmon-Herrington, Southern California RTD (SCRTD), Southern Pacific, Spicer

PBM – The Paddle: November/December 2000

Line 9, Run 6

  • Photos
  • Presidents Message
  • New Members
  • Donation Building Fund
  • New Work Party Chairman
  • The PBM Loses a Friend
  • Bus Acquisitions on the Horizon
  • The Year in Review – The PBM in 2000
  • Summary of PBM Board Meeting
  • The PBM Garage
  • The Extra Board
  • Recent Donations to the PBM
  • Book Review – by Jim Husing
  • MATA Trolley Adds Buses
  • Pacific Bus Museum Equipment Roster – December 2000

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), Alaska Hiway Tours (Gray Line), Chicago Sightseeing Co, Golden Gate Transit, McKinney Avenue Transit Authority, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Motor Coach Industries (MCI), Niles Canyon Railway, North County Transit District (NCTD), Richfield Bus Company, Royal Coach Tours, Southern California RTD (SCRTD), Western Greyhound Lines, Westours

PBM – The Paddle: January/February 1996

Line 5, Run 1

  • Navy Mare Island Bus Service
  • Greyhound’s 50th Anniversary PD 4104’s
  • The PBM Now Has its Own Brochure
  • The Impact of the Twining Collection
  • Tent Party in Modesto
  • Summary of the Board of Directors Meeting on February 11, 1996
  • Welcome New Members
  • PBM Now on the Internet
  • Ex. Greyhound GM PD 4104 Acquired by a PBM Member
  • Upcoming Events
  • War Story – Ron’s “March on Baseball”
  • News from the World of Buses
  • Bus Sightings
  • President’s Message


PBM – The Paddle: November/December 1994

Line 3, Run 7

  • Photos SF MUNI 3270, Aero Coach, PGL #1732, NWGL Y816
  • Modesto, The Final 1994 Excursion
  • Minutes of the General Membership Meeting
  • Bus Sightings
  • Member Letter to the Editor
  • President’s Message
  • San Diego Excursion

Aerocoach, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), California Parlor Car Tours, Fageol, Greyhound, Kenworth, Key System, Modesto Area Express (MAX), Modesto Motor Bus, Northwest Greyhound, San Diego Transit (SDT), San Francisco SF MUNI, San Jose City Lines, Scenic Hyway Tours, Vallejo Transit, Western Greyhound Lines, Yellow Coach builder

PBM – The Paddle: February 1994

Line 3, Run 2

  • New Year’s Eve Party Report
  • Too Much Interest Ruins Attempt to Preserve Modesto Coach
  • Modesto Area Excursion Operation Very Likely
  • First Excursion for This Year in Planning Stages
  • We Are Doing Our Part in Fighting Air Pollution Too!!
  • Feel Free to Join Us for Breakfast in Industry
  • Picture Captions
  • Board Meeting Highlights

Crosstown Suburban Lines, Cummins, Eastern Cities Transit, Fitzjohn, Marmon-Herrington, Modesto Area Express (MAX), Southern California RTD (SCRTD), Yellow Coach builder

PBM – The Paddle: October 1993

Run 2, Line 10

  • Asbury Twins Discovered
  • Sept Board Meeting Highlights


PBM – The Paddle: February 1992

Line 1, Run 2

  • This Month’s Excursion Reminder
  • Greyhound Old Look Restoration
  • Official Legal Transfer of Muni AMG
  • A Large Scale Work Party Really Got the Job Done
  • Greyhound “Queen” Muni AMG Trade to Happen Soon?
  • Greyhound Queen Trade
  • Santa Fe Brill IC 41 Restoration News
  • A Letter to the Editor… by Alan P. Linsky

AM General, Golden Gate Transit, Pacific Greyhound Lines, Scenic Hyway Tours

PBM – The Paddle: January 1992

Line 1, Run 1

  • Paddle Identification Redesignated This Year
  • New Year’s Eve trip was less than expected
  • December Board Meeting: A Full Agenda and Business Well Taken Care Of
  • Photos: ex-Muni 3270 August, 1991 at Golden Gate Transit Roadeo. Photo by Bruce Maher.

Penninsula Charter Lines, Royal Coach Tours, Santa Clara County Transit District (SCCTD), Scenic Hyway Tours

WCMCM – The Paddle: November 1986

Line 3, Run 11

  • Next Year’s Open House Date Set
  • Another Contribution Received
  • 2nd Coach Donation May Be Made
  • Parts Bus Scrapping Program to Take Place This Fall
  • Interest in L.A.T.L. #5008 Revived
  • Valley Transit #72 Saved
  • Driver Needed for Donated Coach Movement
  • #246 Returns from Williams
  • Message to Coach Owners About Insurance
  • “a Message from The President”
  • San Francisco Muni White May Be Given to Us
  • About Our Society’s Dues
  • An Inquiry from Hawaii
  • TDM 4509 Suburban Found
  • Last Month’s Fantrip a Success
  • The Collection
  • Prospects of Purchase Very Good of Long Beach Motor Bus Mack & Los Angeles Motor Coach Old Look
  • La Puente Gets an Inspection Visit
  • San Francisco Market Street Railway Motorcoach Existence Heard About
  • Large Donation of Brake Shoes Available
  • This Months’ New Members

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