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#K1407 – Pacific Greyhound Lines

This GM TDM 5103, serial 008 was part of a group of 37 TDM 5103s bought by Greyhound in 1951. Greyhound had originally ordered 75 TDM 5103s but the order was cancelled after only 37 were received. (The Calif. P.U.C. determined the buses were overweight thus prohibiting their use on California Highways. The 37 that Greyhound received to that point were “grandfathered” in and could continue to be operated in the state) As it turned out GM built only 37 TDM 5103s, all owned by Pacific Greyhound Lines. Affectionately known as “Queen Marys” or “Queens” for their large (53-passenger) carrying capacity. The PBM’s

K1407 was originally used in local service between San Diego and the border near Tijuana, Mexico. In later years it operated on Greyhound’s commute routes in the SF Bay area and soldiered on into the 1970s when Greyhound’s suburban routes were taken over by public agencies.

In 1994 the late Stephen Schwarzward found The K1407 in a storage yard in Southern California. The PBM acquired the bus in the same year in a trade and had it transported to Williams, CA where it is stored today. The bus was acquired without seats. The seats and other parts from a sister TDM 5103 (K1420), which was scrapped, will be used to restore the K 1407.

“Another, Far Better Greyhound “Queen” to Be Acquired…

Several years ago, Stephen had found what appeared to be an al original Greyhound Old Look transit model TDM 5103. It is still in its original livery and does not appear to be robbed of any external parts. After some time-consuming research, Stephen was able to find the owner. He is a motorcycle dealer and intends to modify and alter the coach for hauling motorcycles. An avid and unsuccesful search for a non-historic coach to take its place ensued. The owner said anything capable of hauling, easy to drive, and capable of running at highway speeds will do.

Very recently, and much to everyone’s satisfaction, member Ted Campbell came up with the perfect solution: a somewhat rough but very good running mid ’70’s AM General coach from the San Francisco Municipal Railway. It has some dents, plenty of graffiti and other vandalism but fits the needs more than anyone anticipated. Not only does it run great but it also has side structure supports that can be cut and moved to another position. The “Queen” would have been a potential disaster, as it did not come with a rear door and a modification for loading motorcycles and carrying them would most likely weaken the stability of the entire body.

This trade has a double blessing: for the preservation of the coach and the use of the dealer for the work required.

Further close examination of the coach has determined that it was built in 1951 with serial #008 as Pacific Greyhound Lines #K1407 and later became #9407 which is still retained on the headboard above the windshield. Almost all the seats have been removed. However, our other coach built with serial #021 as #K1421 has everything we need for this one. #K1421 is in storage at Ted’s Coach Maintenance facility in Williams, California. #K1407 is in Ontario, some 40 miles east of Los Angeles. There is no reason to assume that #K1407 is not a runner as nothing appears to be missing mechanically. Since it still has its Greyhound livery, we look forward to running it for road testing in the near future…”

– June 1991 edition of The Paddle, the monthly PBM members newsletter

How You Can Help

As a volunteer orginization, we are always looking for as much help as we can get. If you've got skills and time, and want to get your hands dirty, consider becoming a member.

If you don't want to contribute "hands-on", financial donations for the restoration of bus #K1407 are also needed at this time to complete this remaining work. All donations for bus #K1407 will be placed in a Special Fund account exclusively for the restoration and maintenance of bus #K1407. Please make a donation today to continue the restoration of bus #K1407!

Make a "Pacific Bus Museum" donation to the Special Funds account for for bus #K1407.

Support Bus #K1407

The Pacific Bus Museum is a non-profit, tax-exempt, volunteer organization registered in the state of California. We were granted tax-exempt status as a non-profit corporation by the IRS under 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code Tax ID # 1683391. Donations to the Pacific Bus Museum are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Restoration Status

The #K1407 is currently stored in Williams, CA. The PBM hopes to restore this bus to its original Pacific Greyhound Lines paint scheme and have it in good operating condition. Mechanically, the #K1407 is in operable condition. Cosmetically the bus exterior needs complete body preparation before repainting. The interior needs several side panels replaced, and installation of the seats and some other interior parts. The interior needs a complete repainting. A set of roadworthy 11.00X 20 tires are also needed.

Ownership Snapshot

Original Owner: Pacific Greyhound K1407

Acquired From: Stephen Schwarzward in 1994

Current Livery: Pacific Greyhound Lines

Technical Specs

Year Built: 1951

Manufacturer: General Motors, Truck and Coach Division, Pontiac, MI

Model: TDM-5103

Serial#: 008

Powertrain: 6-71 GM diesel engine transversely mounted in the rear with a with a 4 speed mechanical transmission

Body: Aluminum monocoque body

Length: 40 ft

Width: 102 in (wide format)

Seating: 53 passengers – Transit seating

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