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#8005 – Western Greyhound Lines

#8005 – GM PD 4501 742 – Greyhound Scenicruiser

Initial Service

This General Motors PD 4501, serial 742, “Scenicruiser” was delivered, new, to Pacific Greyhound Lines in 1956 as K2305. It was renumbered to P2305 and then, in 1960, it became Western Greyhound Lines and was renumbered a second time to 8005.

The Scenicruisers were originally built with dual  4V-71 diesel engines driving a single transmission through a fluid coupling. Performance was lacking leading to a dispute between GM and Greyhound.

That led to all PD 4501s being re-powered by the single Detroit Diesel 8V-71 engines coupled with a Spicer four-speed transmission. That re-powering work was done by Marmon-Herrington over 11 months beginning in October 1961.

Service History

8001t picks up at SFO heading for Fairfield

In the mid-1960s Western Greyhound took 8 Scenicruisers (8000-8007) and re-seated them to 47 passengers and a small letter “T” was at the end of the bus number to distinguish these re-seated “Travis” buses.

Because our 8005t was one of these Travis buses, it has some historical significance to the San Francisco Bay Area.  These buses were used exclusively on the heavily traveled route between San Francisco-Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA, and the San Francisco International Airport where they ran into the 1970s.

The Travis AFB Scenicruisers were numbered 8000 upwards. The exact number assigned to the Travis AFB service is not known. A photo of #8017T is in the collection of PBM Member, and former President, Jim Husing. It is presumed that they received the small “T” in numerical order. If that is true then there were at least 18, and maybe more, assigned to the Travis<>SFO service. (source: The Paddle May/June 2002.)

Pacific Bus Museum Acquisition 

Melini Bus Service Scenicruser #4703
(Source Hidden History of LA Transportation)

After its career with Greyhound, 8005t was sold, along with 21 other PD 4501s, to Melni Bus Service, a charter operator in Santa Barbara, CA. There it was re-numbered a 4th time, to #4704.  Melni ran this bus into the 1990s.

Pacific Bus Museum Member, Peter Govorchin, bought the #4704, along with several other Scenicruisers, from Melni in 1997. #4704 was, later, acquired by a used equipment dealer, Phil Monte.

8005 at the Pacific Bus Museum yard in Fremont.

Finally, in the Spring of 2003, the Pacific Bus Museum acquired this bus from the used equipment dealer Phil Monte in a combined cash and trade deal. We renumbered it for its 5th time, back to 8005, sans “t”, and began a multi-year restoration that was 98% complete in 2023.

The PBM is proud to have acquired this “icon” of long-distance bus travel with a historical tie to the San Francisco Bay Area.

(Source: Driving the Backroads)

What People Love 

The Scenicruiser is an iconic parlor bus that brings back many memories of cross-country Interstate travel. Almost everybody who sees this bus in person, immediately, begins telling a story of a past Scenicruiser experience.

Don’t miss it. Come see this seated Scenicruiser side-by-side with the Pacific Bus Museum’s latest acquisition. The PBM1 Scenicruiser Party Bus. That bus was meticulously converted into an RV traveling billboard for Red Bull.

Come to the Pacific Bus Museum and see these buses side-by-side. You be the judge. Do you prefer the historically accurate 8005 or the PBM1 Party Bus?

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If you don't want to contribute "hands-on", financial donations for the restoration of bus #8005 are also needed at this time to complete this remaining work. All donations for bus #8005 will be placed in a Special Fund account exclusively for the restoration and maintenance of bus #8005. Please make a donation today to continue the restoration of bus #8005!

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Restoration Status

Extensive restoration began in 2005. As of 8/19/2023, it is fully seated. The remaining interior work to be done includes paneling around the windows and overhead storage trim installation.

We are excited to bring this one out and show it off soon…

Ownership Snapshot

Original Owner: Pacific Greyhound Lines K2305

Acquired From: Equipment dealer in 2003

Current Livery: Western Greyhound Lines #8005

Technical Specs

Year Built: 1955

Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Coach Division, Pontiac, MI

Model: PD-4501

Serial#: 742

Powertrain: 8V-71 GM Diesel engine mounted straight in with a 4-speed mechanical transmission.

Body: Aluminum monocoque construction

Length: 40 ft

Width: 96 in

Seating: 47 passengers on 2 levels, reclining seats, restroom, air conditioning, underfloor baggage compartments.

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The Pacific Bus Museum is proud to have not only one, but two Scenicruisers! You can see our #8005 “seated” restoration side-by-side with it’s sister conversion PBM1 Party Bus. You probably will not ever have the opportunity to see this side-by-side comparison anywhere else!

There is so much more to learn about General Motors, Greyhound, Scenicruisers, and the 8V-71 powertrain. Keep exploring, and let us know if you have questions!

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