Visit us the 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month 10am-2pm
37974 Shinn St, Fremont, CA 94536

Mailing Address P.O. Box 601105 Sacramento, CA 95860-1105

Members Area

When you become a Member of the Pacific Bus Museum you will gain access to our bus collection, our calendar of member Work Days and events, our extensive historical archives, and memorabilia collections.

Bus Collection:

Our bus roster lists our extensive collection of restored buses in Fremont as well as buses awaiting restoration in Williams, CA. 

When you become a Member of the Pacific Bus Museum will be part of keeping this collection rolling, if you have an active CDL, you can help our Bus Driver Team us keep these classics operating by driving them to events or just around the block.

Our Maintenance Team also works hands-on to perform all the maintenance and repairs needed to keep the buses running. Come get your hand dirty.

Work Days and Events:

Maintaining a fleet of historic motor coaches is not an easy task, and we could not do it without our dedicated volunteer members. We meet twice a month to work on our various archive, maintenance, restoration, and building projects.


The archives include original manufacturer bus records, transit company time tables, and the membership newsletter, The Paddle. 

Our Archive Team is actively working to catalog, organize and digitize these records. But we need a lot more help!

We have begun the process of indexing, transcribing, and digitizing our member newsletter, The Paddle, with editions going back to 1986. As a member you will have access to this repository that is filled with so much museum and bus history.

Memorabilia Collections:

When you walk into our main garage, you will see that it is full of donated memorabilia. We rely on our Memorabilia Collections Team to help keep these inventoried and organized.

PBM Garage walls full of signs and other memorabilia.

Classic Greyhound neon signs on PBM Garage walls.









We have this and so much more that has been donated to us over the years. These include classic magazine collections, collectible toys, mechanics manuals, photographs, and a lot more we still need to catalog and organize.

We have a lot of the Ralph Canto’s collection, which he describes in this great video, “All About Ralph”:

Shinn St. Building:

We even have a Building Team that works hard to keep our Shinn St. storage garage and ground clean and safe. This team is always looking for help.

In addition to cleaning and organization, we also are working on projects to wire the building for the internet-age. This is the place for electricians, IT Techs, or anyone willing to help.


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