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PBM – The Paddle 2007

Line 16

PBM – The Paddle: October/November 2007

Line 16, Run 6

  • Photo: A variety of buses are seen in this shot of San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) buses at the Woods Division (Jim Walker photo from Andy Novak)
  • President's Message by Ron Medaglia
  • PBM Calendar
  • Funding Received for Second Niles Bus
  • PBM Annual Gathering
  • PBM to Attend United Motorcoach Asso- ciation Convention and Expo in San Francisco 
  • SF Muni Whites Moved
  • 128 to Operate for Niles Train of Lights
  • Work Party Report
  • Bus Photo Album Page Added to PBM Website
  • Bus Photos
  • ATE 4450s By Andrew Novak
  • Homeless Have a Home Aboard Donated Buses By Mary Vorsino (article submitted by Jim Husing.)

PBM – The Paddle: August/September 2007

Line 16, Run 5

  • Photo: Jim Husing and senior PBM member Bob Burrowes pose in front of the PBM"s Niles Coach Lines 128
  • President's Message by Ron Medaglia
  • PBM Calendar
  • Ag Center Proposal Moves Forward
  • PBM Attends Bus Roadeos
  • Busy Month for Bus #1439
  • Summary of September 11, 2007 PBM Board Meeting
  • PBM Buses at Bridge Opening
  • Work Party Reports
  • San Francisco Muni Excursion Report By Andrew Novak
  • 4400s - The "Shorties" (continued) By Andrew Novak
  • “The Continental” From Jim Powell
  • Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple Bus Fleet By Alan Fong

PBM – The Paddle: June/July 2007

Line 16, Run 4

  • Photo: Ted Campbell's restored Yellow Coach 743
  • President's Message by Ron Medaglia
  • PBM Calendar
  • PBM Fall Excursion Announced
  • Historic Cap Badges Donated
  • Summary of July 11, 2007 PBM Board Meeting
  • Ag Center Proposal Being Drafted
  • Grant From Celebrate Fremont Spent
  • Work Party Reports
  • Interior Touch-up for 128
  • Anton "Tony" Newell Passes
  • Members' Photos
  • 4400s - The "Shorties" By Andrew Novak
  • Request From Michael Dryhurst
  • Motor Bus Society Fall Convention
  • Bus Humor From Dick Shelley: Two Bowling Teams

PBM – The Paddle: April/May 2007

Line 16, Run 3

  • Photo: Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority #9000
  • President's Message by Ron Medaglia
  • PBM Calendar
  • 2007 PBM Election Results
  • Summary of March 28, 2007 PBM Board Meeting
  • Pierce Transit Acquires PBM's Tacoma Transit Twin Coach
  • Acquisition of SF Muni Whites Moves Forward
  • Senior Group Visits Fremont Bus Yard
  • Busy Month For Bus 128
  • Bus Photos
  • Work party Report
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco on Public Transit (As told to and edited by Dick Shelley)

PBM – The Paddle: February/March 2007

Line 16, Run 2

  • Photo: Two Macks side by side San Francisco Municipal Railway C49 DT 2246 is flanked by Key System Transit Lines C41GT 2546
  • President's Message by Ron Medaglia
  • PBM Calendar
  • Work Continues on Scenicruiser Project
  • Work Party Report Saturday, March 10
  • PBM Election coming in May
  • Busy Month for PBM
  • Museum of Bus Transportation (MOBT), Hershey PA,  Spring Fling
  • Motor Bus Society (MBS) Spring Convention
  • New Book on Hall Scott Engines by Ric Dias with assistance from PBM member Tom Shafer
  • Donate On-line With Pay Pal
  • Members Photos
  • RTD and the 1984 Olympics By Andrew Novak (Continued from the Dec-Jan 2007 Paddle)

PBM – The Paddle: December 2006/January 2007

Line 16, Run 1

  • PBM's Pacific Greyhound Lines #1945 Featured on CBS TV's Hallmark Hall of Fame "Valley of Light"
  • President's Message by Ron Medaglia
  • PBM Calendar
  • Year-End Appeal A Success
  • Crown #4 in Los Gatos Christmas Parade By Tom Shafer
  • PBM Holiday Gathering by Dick Shelley
  • PBM to Acquire Vintage -x SF Muni Buses
  • Members Photos
  • PBM to Receive $1000 Grant
  • Discussions Continue With Heidrick Ag Center
  • 916 Going to a New Home
  • Work Party Report
  • Summary of November 30, 2006 PBM Board Meeting
  • RTD and the 1984 Summer Olympics By Andrew Novak

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