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PBM – The Paddle 2016

Line 25

PBM – The Paddle: October/November 2016

Line 25, Run 6

  • Photo: AC Transit 903 a GM, T6H5305 decorated for Christmas in December 1980.
  • President's Column by Charles Williams
  • PBM Calendar
  • PBM Annual Membership Meeting
  • The Fall, A Busy Time For The PBM
  • Glacier Park 77 at the Palm Springs Air Museum
  • Australian automotive TV show, Classic Restos visited the PBM's museum recently to film a future episode
  • 8005 at the Classic Chevy's Car Show in San Jose.
  • Restoration of Bus 308
  • Last Visitor's Day for 2016.
  • 2017 Saturday Work Party Dates
  • SHOP REPORT From Homer Beaudoin
  • Improvements to PBM Building in The Works
  • The Modeler's Corner Additional ACF Brill IC 41 Bus Models Now Available
  • Modesto Motor Bus Service Text and pictures from Bob Burrowes with additional information from Tom Harris

PBM – The Paddle: August/September 2016

Line 25, Run 5

  • Photo: PBM's GM TDH 4801, Key System Transit Lines 2103 is seen ni the east bay ni this photo taken during AC Transit's 20th Anniversary ni 1980
  • President's Column by Charles Williams
  • PBM Calendar
  • 2016 Pacific Bus Museum Open House
  • Twin Coach 308 Restoration Progressing
  • The PBM's MC-9 Arrives in Fremont
  • Recent Bus Displays
  • Shop Report From Homer Beaudoin
  • This Old Bus Remembering New York's C-50 "Bingham Macks" by Robert Devine
  • The 2016 PBM Open House Photos by Paul Terlemezian and Don Buchholz

PBM – The Paddle: February/March 2016

Line 25, Run 2

  • Photo: The Santa Fe Trailways depot in Modesto, CA is pictured in this late 1940s view.
  • President's Column by Charles Williams
  • PBM Calendar
  • The 2016 PBM Election
  • Repairs to 3270 Continue
  • dasdPBM at the VTA Bus Roadeo
  • Restoration of bus 308
  • Three Buses To Join PBM Fleet
  • Shop Report  From Homer Beaudoin Secretary, Pacific Bus Museum
  • Bus Shots From The 1960s
  • THIS OLD BUS New York City Transit Authority 236 By Bob Devine

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