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PBM – The Paddle 1992

Line 1

PBM – The Paddle: November/December 1992

Line 1 Run 7

  • Kings Highway Excursion
  • Cantos Collection Relocated (location not stated)
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • New Year's Eve Trip Planned aboard Stephen Schwarzwald's ACF Brill
  • New Brochure Given Green Light
  • Motor Bus Society Convention Wrapup
  • SF Chronicle's Farley comic strip by Phil Frank

PBM – The Paddle: September/October 1992

Line 1 Run 6

  • Golden State Bus Bash a Success
  • Bus Bash Trophy & Award Winners
  • Belated Thanks on June Marin County Fan Trip
  • AC Transit Roadeo
  • In Memoriam Adam Plachno, son of member Larry Plachno.
  • Bus Bash T-Shirts Available
  • Motor Bus Society 1992 Fall Meeting Culver City, CA
  • Ralph Cantos' La Puente Collection Evicted
  • Next Excursion Historic El Camino Real Highway
  • Stephen Schwarzwald's Trailways ACF Brill 5 Star Update
  • Dennis Felso's Restored Silversides Returns Home to the Bay Area From LA
  • Kings Highway Excursion Brochure

PBM – The Paddle: July/August 1992

Line 1 Run 5

  • Bus Bash Enrollment Grows
  • Special Work Party Session Will Replace August Board Meeting
  • PBM's #1201 May Return Home
  • Key Sysyem Coaches for PBM?
  • National Parks Clipper #77 Gets Cleanup
  • GM "Old Look" Suburban Restored by Utah Transit Authority
  • Bil Billings' Union Pacific Stages Loaned to the California State Railroad Museum No Longer Roadworthy
  • Stephen Schwarzwald's Video Tapes Available for Duplication
  • Greyhound Queen Trade Completed
  • Stephen Schwarzwald's P.E. #2857 Donated to Museum
  • Bus Bash T-Shirts Available
  • Bob Redden to Host Photo Class

PBM – The Paddle: May/June 1992

Line 1 Run 4 (incorrectly numbered)

  • Marin Fan Trip a Success
  • May Board Meeting
  • New Paddle Editor - Jim Moore Valencia, CA
  • Long Beach Restored RTS Debuts
  • Project to Acquire "Queen" Going Slowly
  • Sante Fe 5 Star Notes
  • Explanation of Last Issue's Layout Mishap
  • Jim Husing Spotlights Fresno Area Express in Bus World's Spring 1992 issue
  • Mid 20'S Greyhound Running in LA?
  • LA Area Caravan to Bus Bash?
  • GM Old Look Offered to PBM

PBM – The Paddle: April 1992

Line 1, Run 4

  • First Major Contribution Pledge Request for This Year
  • George Powell Surgery Recovery
  • Sending of Get-Well Card Acknowledged

PBM – The Paddle: March 1992

Line 1, Run 3

  • Next Excursion Proposal: Let's Go Greyhound
  • Some News on Eastshore Lines
  • Our Museum's Eldest Member (George Powell) Going Through a Painful Recovery
  • Antique Farebox Restorations Coming Into Demand
  • Upcoming Monthly Board of Directors' Meeting
  • "Golden State" Bus Bash West: We Are Ready for the Best One Yet
  • The Historical Coach Trade Getting Closer

PBM – The Paddle: February 1992

Line 1, Run 2

  • This Month's Excursion Reminder
  • Greyhound Old Look Restoration
  • Official Legal Transfer of Muni AMG
  • A Large Scale Work Party Really Got the Job Done
  • Greyhound "Queen" Muni AMG Trade to Happen Soon?
  • Greyhound Queen Trade
  • Santa Fe Brill IC 41 Restoration News
  • A Letter to the Editor... by Alan P. Linsky

PBM – The Paddle: January 1992

Line 1, Run 1

  • Paddle Identification Redesignated This Year
  • New Year's Eve trip was less than expected
  • December Board Meeting: A Full Agenda and Business Well Taken Care Of
  • Photos: ex-Muni 3270 August, 1991 at Golden Gate Transit Roadeo. Photo by Bruce Maher.

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