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PBM – The Paddle 1991

Line 8

PBM – The Paddle: December 1991

Line 8 Run 12

  • A Great Year Comes to an End...
  • Another Possible New Year's Eve Dinner Trip... Stephen's Trailways CI 41 ACF Brill
  • Possible February Excursion Being Worked Out... Bill Wong's San Francisco Municipal Railway #3270 G.M. Dreamliner model T8H-5305
  • Motor Bus Society Convention to Be Held In Los Angeles Next Year...
  • Videos Being Copied and Made Available... of Peerless Stages System and Bay Rapid Transit excursions
  • President's Column by Richard E. Twining

PBM – The Paddle: November 1991

Line 8 Run 12

  • Excursion Report Even a Storm Could Not Stop Us...
  • Excursion Videos Definitely Available...
  • Several Coaches Moved in the Bay Area... to member Ted Campbell's Coach Maintenance facility in Williams, California:
  • Santa Fe 5 Star Update... Stephen's ACF Brill parlor model IC 41 built in 1946 is well underway into operable condition.
  • More Notes on the Excursion... Member and Excursion Director, Jim Husing, has some additional comments on our Monterey run.
  • The Loss of a Friend... Joel Irvine.
  • Photo: Bay Rapid Transit #80 on the recent excursion

PBM – The Paddle: October 1991

Line 8, Run 10

  • Santa Fe Brill Test Run Again...
  • Mac Towcar Bought and Moved
  • Rare Bullet Back Parlor Changes Ownership and Goes Into Service
  • Bus Bash Receives (Board) Approval
  • Fare Box Sale Announcement...
  • Destination Signs Available...
  • Photo: Charlie Brown's Mack Model EH1D towcar which was built in 1947

PBM – The Paddle: September 1991

Line 8 Run 9

  • Greyhound Antique Fleet Auction Becomes an Open Bid Situation...
  • Fall Excursion Announcement... Monterey Salinas Transit
  • Another Eastshore Lines Restoration... Ralph Cantos and Bill Billings
  • Some Ford Progress Made in the Lower San Joaquin Valley... Members Stephen Schwarzwald, Richard Meyer, and Lee Coulehan
  • Greyhound Transit Restoration Now Well Underway... Golden Gate Transit in San Rafael
  • More Progress Made on White Transit Model 789... Ralph Cantos Pacific Electric Railway #3008
  • Bus Bash '92 Update... PBM co-hosting and sponsoring
  • Picture Bus Update... Scenicruiser for a June filming
  • Photo: Member Charles Wotring's Mack parlor model MV 620 D

PBM – The Paddle: August 1991

Line 8 Run 8

  • Possible October 12th and 13th Excursion to Motor Bus Society Fall Convention in Denver, Colorado
  • Member Ralph Cantos Has Worked Out a Purchase Agree- Ment With Member Tom Powell to Buy His Flixble Clipper Model 29B Built in 1947
  • San Francisco Municipal Railway's First Am General Coach #4100 Moved to Richard Twining's Scenic Hyway Tours Facility
  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation Will Be in SF this October From the 17th Through the 20th.
  • The Passing Assistant Division Superintendent for the San Francisco Municipal Railway John "Lucky" R. Luchsinger, 49, of Napa, California.
  • Ralph Cantos' G.M. Old Look TD4506 Built in 1946 to Have Its Rare and Delicate Spicer Model 91 Transmission Rebuilt
  • An Internal Revenue Service tax law - good this year only - makes it easier for you to donate property to the Pacific Bus Museum and claim a full deduction for its appreciated value.
  • Photo: #4100 shot at Pier 70 before its movement to the Scenic Hyway Tours facility, not far away on 22nd street.

PBM – The Paddle: July 1991

Line 8 Run 7

  • Tony Marquardt purchased coach #4100 for us at the June 7th auction for $175
  • Early A.C.F. Brill IC 41 Found by Joe Zacher, Who Owns and Operates Zacher's Automotive Recyclers in Harbor City, California
  • Another Muni White Model 798 Built in 1945 Found and Bought for Restoration by the Market Street Railway
  • July 6th Excursion Cancelled Due to Insurance and Mechanical Issues
  • Eastshore Lines Works With Lin-Del Associates on Movie Project

PBM – The Paddle: June 1991

Line 8, Run 6

  • July 6th Excursion Update
  • Another, Far Better Greyhound "Queen" to Be Acquired
  • A Look To The Future
  • PBM Well Represented At Bus Bash East
  • Major Change of Plans for the Future of #2857

PBM – The Paddle: May 1991

Line 8, Run 5

  • Paddle Format Change
  • Two Major Events Being Planned for 1992
  • New Location for the Collection Being Sought
  • Donation Acknowledgement
  • Tax Exempt Status Update
  • Photos

PBM – The Paddle: April 1991

Line 8 Run 4

  • San Jose City Lines #6503 Discovered, Complete and Operable...
  • July 6th Excursion Planning Gaining Momentum... Transit Historian and Motor Bus Society Member Jerry Squier Has Even Joined the Effort
  • First Excursion of This Year: Even the Weather Could Not Stop US...
  • Museum Videos Being Currently Made... Dennis Felso of Eastshore Lines
  • Western Diesel Electric Moves a long city block west in the city of Huntington Park California
  • #2857 Brought Back to Life in Preparation for Museum Takeover...
  • Photos:
    • #246 poised in Kelly Park, San Jose California
    • coach full of people having a great time and posing
    • member Mike Sheridan driving the coach from San Jose to Hayward California
    • #246 parked in front of the Oakland Depot used by Greyhound and Peerless Stages System

PBM – The Paddle: March 1991

Line 8 Run 3

  • White Transit Model 798, Built in 1948 Starts After 30 Years Non-Op...
  • A Big Surprise This Summer: First Excursion in Years to Take Place....
  • Museum La Puente Collection Moves Down the Street... 
  • Photos: Crown Super Coach model TDE 195 possibly built 3/20/38 by Bob Burrowes
  • March 23, 1991 Peerless Stages "Roaring Main" Excursion Flyer
  • Bonanza Bus Maintenance Forum in South San Francisco - BUS RIDE Magazine January 1991
  • Deluxe Motor Stages, Inc Antique Bus Liquidation List

PBM – The Paddle: February 1991

Line 8 Run 2

  • Asbury #56 Dilemma Back to Haunt Us... 3 Boys' Auto Dismantlers in Madera California
  • An ADB (Advanced Design Bus)? Maybe... General transit model 9635-6, built in 1975
  • SC RTD Moratorium on Transit Coach Auctioning Noticed
  • This Year's First Movie Date a Tremendous Success...
  • Photos:
    • Member Andy Henderson's Yellow Coach Parlarmodel 845, Built in 1936
    • Ford Transit Model 99T, Built in 1945 With Serial #641053 as Peninsula Transit #221.
    • G.M. Suburban Transit Model TDM5108, Built in 1956 as Rockland Transit (New York) #30, and Currently PeninsulaCharter Lines #301.

PBM – The Paddle: January 1991

Line 8 Run 1

  • Winter 1990 Excursion Was Terrific...
  • First Excursion of 1991 Planned and Being Organized... By Jim Husing and Charlie Hopkins
  • The Museum Fleet: #341 Makes a Hit at Torrance Open House...
  • Dennis Felso Peninsula Excursion Videos to Become Available...
  • #7103 Gets: New Water Pump, Other Problems Arise...
  • First Museum New Year's Eve Party to Use a Coach...
  • Museum Legal Status Progress... Employer Identification Number and Seal of Approval From the Federal and State Government Offices... Joel Irving is helping with the paperwork
  • New Movie Work Opportunities Presenting Themselves...
  • Photos: #246, Which Is Going to Premier in the First of Our Excursions This Year in March
  • March 23, 1991 Peerless Stages "Roaring Main" Excursion Flyer

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