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PBM – The Paddle 1990

Line 7

PBM – The Paddle: December 1990

Line 7, Run 12

  • Lost & Found
    • Four Glendale California "War Babies" Found...
    • Crown Super Coach Also Found...
    • And a White 1144d...
    • Last but Not Least a Ford Glasstop...
  • Pasadena City Lines': "Golden Anniversary" Date Next Year... Mike Haddock
  • Torrance Transit's 50th Anniversary Update...
  • New Legal Legislature Changing the Status of Antique and Other Historical Coach Registration - Assembly Bill 2912
  • Museum Income Summary...
  • Photos:
    • 4 photos of Interior of Our "QUEEN" After a Massive Cleaning Effort

PBM – The Paddle: November 1990

Line 7, Run 11

  • Tax Exempt, Non-Profit Status Goal Getting Closer...
  • The Collection:
    • #246 Goes Through Ownership Change; Marcel Sales > Richard Twining
    • #319 Gets a New Engine...
    • Our "Queen" Goes to a New Home... Campbell > Williams
    • #341 Goes Home for an Aniversary Celebration...
  • A Ford Transit Model 29 B Has Been Found Near Barstow California.
  • Commentary: One L.A.. Members' Loyalty Helps Maintenance... Jerry Duncan
  • Acting Presiderit Richard Twining has put together a very fine letter to all of our members...
  • Summary of Executive Committee Meeting October 20, 1990 - Lyon's Restaurant - Emeryville, California
    • Members and Guests in Attendance: Richard Twini ng, Jim Husing, Stephen Schwarzad, Darel Garrison, Mike Sheridan, Kevin Sheridan, Bill Rowe, and Dan Falvey.
  • President's Column by Richard E. Twining
  • Photos:
    • progress of the "Queen" being delivered to Williams
    • there are some parts missing from the outside
    • the coach just loaded onto the tilting trailer
    • Ted is shown here picking up the transmission off of the truck

PBM – The Paddle: October 1990

Line 7, Run 10

  • This Year's Winter Trip Swelling Well...
  • Western Diesel Electric to Move: A Major Turning Point for Us...
  • October 27th Trip to Trolley Museum Festival Ready to Go...
  • Our Superintendent of Maintenance George Powell Will Be 79 Early This Month
  • November 10th Excursion Notes...
  • Photos:
    • Alex Lock's Yellow Coach Parlor model GP 743, built in 1938 for Ohio Greyhound Lines
    • Below, we see the coach on the trailer in the Greyhound San Francisco shop yard, ready for transport to Museum associate Ron Hook
    • Part of Ron Hook's growing bus fleet of former AC Transit/Key System buses in Fremont, CA
    • This post war White 798 was built in 1946 as Key System Tronsit Lines fleet #1043
  • February 15th, 1992 Excursion Flyer

PBM – The Paddle: September 1990

Line 7, Run 9

  • Holiday Season Excursion Becomes Controversial...
  • Museum Treasury at Year's End Low...
  • Los Angeles members are on the lookout for a more permanent and beneficial location than La Puente
  • Interest in Local Work Sessions Revived...
  • The Collection
    • Work on the "Old Man" Proceeding Well... Yellow Coach PG-3701
  • Photos:
    • 1924 Fageol "Safety Coach" belonging to Penninsula Charter Lines of East Palo Alto California
    • Photo of original interior layout 
  • An Open Letter to Stephen Schwarzwald from Derrall W & Ruth E Garrison about Nov 10 excursion

PBM – The Paddle: August 1990

Line 7, Run 8

  • The Collection:
    • #7103 Does a Great Show at Light Rail Opening.
    • Scenicruiser Goes North for Major Repairs... to Member Ted Campbell's Coach Maintenance facility in Williams California
  • Special Holiday Season Excursion Being Planned...
  • Jerry Duncan's Letter to All of Us... Introduction and discussion of RTD #7103
  • Photos:
    • "Queen" a G.M. single door 01d Look transit model TDM-5103, built in 1951
  • The "Old Man" Saved... Yellow Coach parlor model PG-3701

PBM – The Paddle: July 1990

Line 7, Run 7

  • May Issue Running Behind...
  • The Collection:
    • A.C.F. Brill Suburban Gets Fresh Engine...
    • New York Area Suburban Up for Grabs...
  • Photos:
    • Flxible transit model built in 1971
    • G.M. Old Look transit model TDM-4801 built in 1954
  • Greyhound "Queen" Donated, Cleanup Project... West Valley Charter of Campbell California TDM 5103 built in 1951
  • Pre-War Yellow Coach Old Look Transit Gets Engine Rebuild

PBM – The Paddle: June 1990

Line 7, Run 6

  • The Collection: TD-4505 Outshopped... member Ralph Cantos' Yellow Coach transit model TD-4505, built in 1941
  • Famous TD-4506 Looking Good Again. Ralph's G.M. Old Look Transit Built in 1946
  • The Museum Fleet: Our Three Runners At Our Shop... Western Diesel Electric
  • New Motion Picture Work Opportunities for Our Members' Coaches. Alan Linsky heads Lin-Del Associates, a motion picture industry props brokerage company.
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach Light Rail Line Grand Opening Soon
  • Our Museum Newsletter Reverts to Older "Typewriter" Format... Alex Lock is no longer able to do word processor finishing touches before printer...
  • Photos:
    • Robert Burrowes supplied these two shot of circa 1941 Mack MC Diesel Electric transits in service for the U.S. Navy
  • Letter from Jay Bunker of RFM seller of bus slides and negatives

PBM – The Paddle: May 1990

Line 7, Run 5

  • Thanks A Million, Miles... Stan Habr, General Manager of West Valley Charter Lines, Inc. Ni Campbell, CA Has Donated a 1951 Former Greyhound Transit Gmc TDM-5103-021 to the Museum
  • SamTrans Going Thru Changes...
  • Western Diesel Electric: A Real Museum Workshop...
  • Museum's R.T.D. Flxible to Be Registered...
  • P.E.'s Last Known Surviving "Old Man" May Become Available... Yellow Coach parlor model PG 3701, built ni 1940
  • Donation of Omnitrans Just Missed.
  • Greyhound's San Francisco Body Shop Closes...
  • Photos:
    • An early 1940's White, restored to its original Highway Post Office #1 livery
    • Member Michael Dryhurst shot this photo in Sherman Oaks, Calif, of three English double deckers owned by L.A. Omnibus Co.
  • Los Angeles County Transportation Commission Letter of Thanks to for help celebrating the Blue Line Grand Opening: "The Bus Fair and Expo at Del Amo".
  • UK Exiles in the L.A. Area by Michael Dryhurst

PBM – The Paddle: April 1990

Line 7, Run 4

  • Vintage Mack Transit Update...
  • Greyhound Theme Movie Shoot in an Uproar....
  • Western Diesel Electric Makes Valent Effort...
  • It Is a Los Angeles Motor Coach #3701.
  • First Excursion of the Year A tremendous Success...
  • San Francisco Bay Area Mack Identified...
  • Greyhound Transit Moved to New Home... Novato, California
  • Financial Notes... Fund Raising Excursion With Marcel Sales
  • Photos:
    • Alan Fong shot this picture of a 1958 G.M. Old Look transit model TDH-4512, serial #2833, as Sacramento Transit Authority #121
    • Anne Burrowes, a Wonderful Wife of Our Famous Historical, Robert Burrowes
    • Los Angeles Railway #3701 Yellow Coach model 718 by Joe Corbin.

PBM – The Paddle: March 1990

Line 7, Run 3

  • Museum's R.T.D. Flible Transit on Display...
  • G.M. Greyhound Transit to Be Restored...
  • Western Diesel Facility Becomes Temporary Museum Workshop...
  • New Newsletter Format... By Member Alex Lock
  • Rare TDM-4507 Muzzle Loader Found...
  • Antique Los Angeles Motorcoach Discovered... 1936 Yellow Coach Model 718
  • Cosmetic Restoration on Greyhound Mack Transit Progressing... At Member Bil Billings' Eastshore Lines
  • Museum's G.M. 1952 Parlor Coach PD-4103 Cruiser May Be Restored for Filming...
  • What? A Transit Coach With a Factory Restroom?... Alan Linsky's early 40's Mack transit coach, model RC-3G
  • Remember March 24, 1990, for the Excursion...
  • Open House in the San Francisco Bay Area Around Summer...
  • Photos: 
    • Fort Wayne, Indiana Greyhound Lines terminal in May, 1989
    • Member Jim Husing took this photo of a G.M. 1951 Old Look Transit model TDM-5103
  • News Release: Lin-Del Associates, Woodmere, New York (Alan P. Linsky) - Pre-War Mack Found in Long Island Farm Field

PBM – The Paddle: February 1990

Line 7, Run 2

  • First Excursion for the Year, "On Sale" Now!!
  • Pacific Electric White 798 Purchased...
  • Mack Transit #1682 "Goin' Greyhound"...
  • Trailways PD 4103 Bought...
  • Major Donation from Member Lee Goodwin of Foster City, CA
  • Letter to the Editor. A Challenge for You??...
    • Lee Goodwin Is Seeking a Late 40s Beck Mainliner and a Kenworth School Bus.
  • Peerless excursion flyer

PBM – The Paddle: January 1990

Line 7, Run 1

  • Museum's Greyhound Parlor Car Moved to New Base
  • #7103 Receiving Minor Repairs and Servicing
  • It Was a "White Christmas" After All...
  • Another White Also Available...
  • Second Division for Museum Available...
  • Excursions Back, First One in March...
  • Photos:
    • Photo of members Alex Lock & Robbert Burrowes
    • Alex Lock's 1947 GM Silversides as Southeastern Greyhound Lines #M5041

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