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Crown Photos

Crown Photographs

The photographer Crown used for several decades to document their products and innovations was Dick Whittington. Somewhere between the 1950s and 1960s their longtime employee Warren Bowen started his own photo studio in Los Angeles. He took the Crown account with him. When Warren retired in the 1980s, he gave Louk Markham his Crown photos and negatives archives. Louk then donated these to The Pacific Bus Museum in February 2024.

As you can imagine, we are still trying to figure out how to sort out what is in this collection. We do know that they have a unique filing/sorting system that is not by chassis number, as are the rest of the Crown Corporate records. So it will certainly take some time/effort for us to figure out how to cross-reference these.

Crown Photo Archives – Lookup

This page provides a searchable lookup of our Crown Photos.


Photograph Numbers System

Louk Markham described the photograph numbering system this way.

Let’s look at these two photos as samples:

Warren Bowen 511-28-3

Dick Whittington 06.120.1

First, both Warren Bowen and Dick Whittington used a similar ###-##-## format.

The second set of digits in the ###-##-## format was the roll or job number. The final digits were the photo-number on the roll.

However, Dick Whittington generally wrote his numbers with dots and may have reversed the Job/Roll #’s: Roll#.Job#.Photo#






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